Blackheath Farmers' Market - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Blackheath Farmers’ Market

Blackheath Farmers’ Market

This Christmas I was pleasantly surprised to receive seven cook books from my family. I’m not sure why I was surprised seeing as I suggested four of them, but I didn’t expect to receive them all! This is no hardship however because I love reading recipe books from all over the world – whether it’s home cooking, inspiring gastronomy or tales of experiences and memories, they all have a place on my shelf. Most chefs will extoll the benefits of using the freshest seasonal ingredients possible. I recently browsed Simon Rogan’s depiction of restaurant life with their own farm, growing as much of their own produce as they can. Now, I love gardening and I fully intend to plant some seeds this year but I’m not about to be self sufficient anytime soon. Fortunately I came across Blackheath Farmers’ Market instead!

The market is part of London Farmers’ Markets who first set up shop in Islington twenty years ago. Now there are over two hundred farmers and food producers selling in twenty weekly markets across London. In Blackheath, they take over half the station car park every Sunday and it is a popular affair! Crowds here bring serious trolley bags, rucksacks and canvas totes. They don’t mess around! There are many veg stands which are currently full of brassicas like kale and sprouts, apples from Chegworth Valley (they do tasty juices too) and the largest range of tomato products I’ve seen from The Tomato Stall (oak smoked tomatoes? Tomato salt? Yum!). A few bread stalls are mixed in with pies and cakes – I’m yet to try Cakehole but I imagine that day is soon to come. They sell cakes whole as well as portioned so would work perfectly if you have guests round and don’t fancy preparing a dessert on top of mains.

On a previous visit I bought a chilli flake coated soft goats cheese from Sussex based Nut Knowle Farm which has an almighty kick to it but the goats milk tempers it brilliantly. The meat departments are also represented here with some lovely chicken, sausages and game (pheasants are at their best right now!). Let’s not forget the seafood department, it really is fresh here as there is no fishy smell whatsoever.

If you’re wanting food, there are burgers on sale for £5 but the main story here is the produce. I think the LFM is a fantastic organisation which gets community areas buzzing, directly connects farmers to us the consumers and keeps food exciting for holed up Londoners. It’s important for us to remember that basic connection with the earth especially when we seem to spend most of our time either commuting underground or working and living in high rise buildings. Time to plan a long walk soon, preferably with a pub lunch…? 😀

Check out the LFM website to find your nearest farmers’ market, let me know what goodies you find from your local vendors! Please give this post a thumbs up if you liked it and check out my instagram for more munchtime goings on. Thanks for reading and see you next week! ???



Nearest venues: Blackheath Halls, Greenwich Music School

Total receipt: £14

1x bunch cavolo nero 1.10

1x garlic 0.70

1x large bunch parsley 1

2x freesias (bunch) 5

2x squash & 3x red onions 6.2

Rating: 9/10 ?Fun weekend browsing ?

Blackheath Farmers’ Market, Blackheath Station Car Park, Blackheath, London SE3 9LA

Every Sunday 10am – 2pm

London Farmers’ Markets

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