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Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead

Every now and then it’s good to treat yourself, which is how I came to be scoffing a well filled chocolate custard doughnut before afternoon rehearsal started. A few shops down from Wulf and Lamb (which I wrote about a few weeks ago) is the catchy-named Bread Ahead. This location on Pavilion Road is home to their second bakery and school – courses range from gluten free to sweet dough, ancient grains, Scandinavian baking and more.

I turned up on a Sunday lunchtime and it was packed, all the seats were taken. As well as ready made sandwiches and pastries there is a wide selection of loaves to take away. The majority of these are sourdough variations such as 100% rye, multigrain and fennel, wholemeal and white. You can also purchase country white bread, focaccias and ciabatta. Founder Matthew Jones’ aim is to provide ‘quality baking to the masses’. I’d say he’s done pretty well as value for money is quite good for the sandwiches. £4.75 for a large ciabatta sandwich in London isn’t bad – the fillings were Serrano ham edged in coarse black pepper, artichokes, a large slice of tomato and pesto. A delicious Mediterranean inspired lunch!

The doughnuts were too tempting on their intentionally conspicuous pedestal. I had one with chocolate oozing out of it. It had a classic sugar coating and plenty of chocolate custardy filling. The dough was light and super fluffy, it makes you forget what you’re doing as you’re enjoying it so much. Neither filling nor dough is too sweet so it doesn’t feel sickly or overly rich. A worthy lunchtime treat!

Judging by the website, they are very proud of their baking school. Buying a course voucher would be a great present idea for anyone who loves proper bread. What do you enjoy baking the most? Let me know in the comments! Please give this post a like and check out my instagram for more food fun. See you next week!



Nearest venues: Cadogan Hall, Holy Trinity Church

Total receipt (one person): £7.75

1x Serrano sandwich 4.75

1x Chocolate doughnut 3

Rating: 9/10 Ahead of the game

Bread Ahead Shop & Bakery School, 249 Pavillion Road, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BP

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