Buenos Aires Cafe - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Buenos Aires Cafe

Buenos Aires Cafe

Argentina has long been renowned for its delicious steaks. I remember watching John Torode’s episode of A Cook Abroad where he spent time amongst cattle farmers, discovering what makes Argentinian beef truly special. The Blackheath Buenos Aires Cafe sits prettily facing the heath itself, not a bad location! It’s owned by paparazzo Reinaldo Vargas who aimed to create a relaxed place where you can hang out with family and friends, enjoy good food and free flowing wine. His own celebrity photos adorn the walls – a young Kate Moss, Princess Diana looking rather fabulous and a classic 90s Arnie.

Regulars on the steak menu are the sirloin, rump and ribeye. They also do a T-bone special for those with a larger appetite! The meat is from Herefordshire and Angus cattle reared in Argentina. We had the sirloin and ribeye with chimichurri and salsa verde on the side. The quality of the meat is phenomenal. Sirloin lovers will revel in the soft succulent texture and the sear on the ribeye really intensified its natural flavour. Mr Munch had the sirloin ‘a caballo’ which means you get two added fried eggs on top! I am addicted to their chimichurri sauce – a blend of oregano, garlic, paprika, parsley, salt and pepper in oil with a touch of vinegar for sharpness. Ladle this onto every bite! Contrasting to this warm sauce is the salsa verde which is cooler due to the use of mint. Both are fantastic and work beautifully alongside steak. Even the Argentine style chips (papas fritas a la provenzal) had extra seasoning with parsley and a pinch of grated garlic, nice details!

Red wine always goes well with a steak – I chose an Argentine Malbec which was smooth and dark. The wine list has a wide selection from Argentina, taking advantage of it being the world’s fifth largest wine producer. It seems there is much diversity within the country too due to the varied climate. If you develop a fancy for any of the wines you try in the restaurant, you can buy it from their Greenwich branch!

The key for me was the emphasis on simplicity, making the most of high quality ingredients. I cannot rave enough about the sauces – I’d like that on tap please! Staff are friendly and the cosy weekend vibe was just what I needed. If you’re into utensils check out their Brazilian Tramontina steak knives, they are serious business!

What are your favourite steak restaurants? Have you tried Buenos Aires cafe? Let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram. Please give this post a like if you enjoyed it and see you next week for more foodie exploits!



Nearest venues: Blackheath Halls, Greenwich Music School

Total receipt (2 people): £68.40

1x Ribeye 200g 15.95

1x Sirloin 200g 15.95

1x ‘a caballo’ (2 fried eggs on top) 2.25

2x Chimichurri sauce 1.95

1x Salsa verde 1.95

1x Papas fritas a la provenzal 4.25

1x Panache de verduras (mixed vegetables) 5.25

2x Paula Malbec (175ml glass) 6.90

Service 12.5%

Rating: ?10/10?

Buenos Aires Cafe, 17 Royal Parade, Blackheath, London SE3 0TL

Buenos Aires Café & Deli – 86 Royal Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8RT

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