We Don't Give a Fork! - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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We Don’t Give a Fork!

We Don’t Give a Fork!

First off, let’s get over the punnery of We Don’t Give a Fork’s name ? It might sound like a gimmick but their obsession with burgers is anything but. Serious thought has been put into sourcing as local ingredients as possible, or as they quip ‘all the cows are local like and have Preston accents’.

Obsession is the word – I’ve never seen a bigger collection of burger paintings in my life. It might as well be the National Burger Gallery. There’s a Jackson Pollock style burger, a Dali melting burger and an anatomical line drawing amongst many others. Tables are sparsely laid, with just a family size kitchen roll ready for those mucky forkless mitts.

The idea here is that you build your own burger. You choose your preferred burger, cheese, sauce and bread, all including vegan and gluten free options. It comes with fries as standard but you can upgrade them for exciting sweet potato or curly ones, or for the less decisive amongst us, a mixture of everything. There are additional house specials, sides and extra toppings to make your burger perfectly suited to your fancy. I sense slight OCD in the pricing of the menu. Every price is three of the same digit, for example 8.88 for the burgers or 2.22 for extra pulled pork. I rather enjoy the dark humour in the Little Forkers menu, devilishly priced at 6.66 for a meal, fries and drink.

Our food arrived on trays, knives only of course. Everyone gets two slender patties per burger rather than one great big hunk of meat. My burger combination was beef + goats cheese + burger relish (tomato) + gluten free bread. You can taste the quality of the beef, definitely fresh, accented by the smoky grill flavour. I would have preferred the cooking of the meat a little rarer, particularly towards the last bites as it got slightly dry. The bottom burger bun became soggy from soaking up all the juices, making it a messy eating experience. I suppose that is part of the fun sometimes! The game changer was the massive slab of goats cheese providing melty goodness and unctuousness. I love goats cheese so this was heaven and I will be adding this to all my future burgers till the end of time ??

This was our pre-concert meal and while I was completely full, my stomach didn’t feel like a bag of stones as the meal wasn’t overly greasy. There were mixed reactions from my fellow diners. Some thought theirs was the best burger they’d had for a while, whereas others felt theirs was a bit dry. Therefore it does depend on your menu choices and personal preference. I think staff should ask the customer how rare/well cooked they’d like their burger to be. They take so much care with the ingredients and customization of the burger, it seems a wasted effort if they merely cook the burger in a generic way. Despite that, I personally enjoyed my food and the quirky humour as well as the unintentional art lesson. Important note – bring perfume/cologne with you because you will smell like you’ve been fried!


Nearest Venues: Preston Guild Hall

Total Receipt: £8.88

Rating: 7.5/10 Forking delicious

We Don’t Give a Fork, 20 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancashire

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