LIV Food Market - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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LIV Food Market

LIV Food Market

Bold Street is like a food safety net, you can be sure to find something tasty whatever your mood! Towards the One shopping centre side is Liv food market. It’s Liverpool’s answer to Wholefoods, selling organic produce and clean beauty products. A newer addition is the packaging free aisle full of dried fruits, spices, flours and nuts. Their food-to-go packaging also has good eco credentials being recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or reusable. Liv’s community and environmental philosophy is detailed on their website in a no fuss manner. It’s great to see how they strive for as sustainable a business as possible and are constantly looking for new ways to improve on that. This makes it much easier for customers to do their bit and get a delicious product at the same time!

As well as selling food, home and beauty items, Liv has a vegetarian cafe which has lunch deals and a wide selection of sweet treats to go with your tea or coffee. Fresh handmade pasta is made on site by the La Cassa Della Pasta team and chefs from Amalia Liverpool provide pizzas and bread throughout the day. Liv’s instagram is full of pizza making insta stories so check them out for some quality dough action!

Earlier in the week, I tried a matcha latte (with oat milk) from the café. It was delicious and now I have major cravings – I’m figuring out how to make them at home, please send me your tips if you’ve done this! It was just sweet enough to mellow any bitterness from the matcha powder and dusted on top with cinnamon. Having got the latte bug, I decided to try their turmeric latte. I’ve been watching a few fashion week videos and turmeric lattes seem to be very trendy and good for you so I thought I’d give it a go! It wasn’t as weird tasting as it sounds, plus it’s a glorious bright sunny yellow from the turmeric which is very enticing! I was eating vegan chilli at the time which is not the best dish to accompany it. The turmeric needs something sweet with it to balance it out, so I’d suggest having some cake with it. They have plenty for you to try!

I had the regular lunch deal which consists of one main dish plus as many of the salads as you like. The vegan chilli at first seemed quite mild but the chilli heat built over the course of the meal. It comes in a deep bowl over basmati rice. As it was a late lunch it had probably been sitting there for a few hours so while it was warm, it wasn’t steaming hot. This wasn’t an issue for but I thought I should mention it. Alongside this I mixed three salads – brussel sprouts seasoned with sesame oil and seeds, tahini broccoli and cauliflower dowsed in curry powder. Nice and seasonal winter veg treated with interesting and different flavours. £6.99 is great value and I was so full afterwards!

The cafe at Liv is super chilled. The combination of comfortable seating, lots of natural light from floor to ceiling windows and not too loud 80s music makes for a relaxing space. You feel like you’re getting away from the crowds in here. Work wise, it’s just the right distance from the Phil to stretch your legs and get a healthy takeaway lunch. I will also be here most days for the matcha latte ?

What’re your favourite coffee/teas? Please give me your matcha latte know how and like this post if you enjoyed it! Check out my instagram for more foodie delights 🙂 Have a good week!



Nearest venues: Bombed out Church, Philharmonic Hall

Total receipt (1 person): £10.49

1x Regular lunch 6.99

1x Turmeric latte 3.5

Rating: 9/10 Feel good vibes ?

LIV Food Market, 18-26 Bold Street, Liverpool, ​L1 4DS

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