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New York by night!

New York by night!

Welcome back to part two of my NYC adventure! Today we’re talking all things dinner and drinks (and cats ?!) Don’t forget to also check out my previous post if you’d like to find out about great lunch spots, bakeries and food markets ???

Cookshop is a Chelsea gem focussed on seasonal dining. It’s conveniently near to the High Line, Chelsea Market, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the piers so is a good stop off at the end of a good day’s sightseeing. I like the menu organisation – mains being divided into seafood, vegetarian and meat with three or four options each. Enough of a choice without being overwhelming. I went for the pork chop with mustard, rhubarb compote, chilli and sage. It might sound like a few too many acidic notes but there was just the right amount of each not to be too strong. I enjoyed the fruit and herb freshness alongside the mustard which was of a more rounded variety. Balanced alongside a sizeable rich pork chop and you’ve got yourself a winning dish. Currently on the website, the dish has been given summer flair with macerated Jersey strawberries, mint, lemon and chicharron. Sounds like it would go well with a Pimms! My friend had the grilled swordfish which again was a pleasingly hearty fish steak. It’s present iteration harkens to the Mediterranean with tomato-clam broth, green garlic and burst sungold tomatoes. I’m already looking forward to my next Cookshop visit whenever I make it back to NYC!

I believe it is time for a drink. How about one with a gorgeous view of the iconic New York skyline? Mr Purple is the rooftop bar of the Indigo Hotel. Once you know that it’s a lot easier to find! (We definitely didn’t spend five minutes walking up and down the street ahem cough cough). As you’d expect, there are glass walls making the most of the spectacular view and neither the furniture nor bar extend beyond a certain height to ensure you can see out even when sitting. There’s even a little swimming pool in one of the terraces should you fancy a dip. One side faces towards mid Manhattan with a cracking view of the Empire State Building. The other looks towards Brooklyn and the Williamsburg Bridge. We were lucky enough to catch sunset here, watching the skyline change is a beautiful thing.

The dive bar is an American classic and Boilermaker gives it a fun, retro twist. For some reason their menu font of choice reminds me of Halloween with its slime green wobbly effect. It has something of a comic strip vibe to it which I think is pretty fun and gives it a sort of grungy, slightly dirty feel (as a dive bar should). Happy hour is even happier being three hours (5-8 Mon-Fri). Classic cocktails are $8, beer are $4, $7 for wine and $6 for spirits. For those wanting to stay on theme, you can try the Zombie, Hanging Garden Highball or the Force Ghost (a vodka, elderflower concoction). I didn’t get to try the food here as we were heading on to the Mighty Quinns but it sure looks good what with their award winning chicken cones and burgers voted in the top 100 in America. I’d love to check out more dive bars in the future so let me know your favourites in the comments ??

Whilst looking up where to go in NYC I came across Architectural Digest’s Youtube channel. They have a few videos on famous landmarks such as The Public Library and Grand Central Station where they walkthrough the building discussing its history and unique architectural features. I highly recommend them if you love art deco or simply nosing around, especially as they take you to areas the public aren’t allowed. Through their Grand Central video I discovered The Campbell. You may want to watch the video so you know which lift in the station you need! Wall Street financier Mr Campbell’s bought this part of Grand Central in 1923 to serve as his office. He brought in his own architect who based his design on medieval Florentine palazzos. Today it is a sumptuous place for a cocktail, both glamorous and moody. Whether you are into design or not, you can’t help but be in awe of the details in this room such as the hand painted beamed ceilings, imposing stone fireplace and century old leaded glass window behind the bar. This is one of a kind.

From the sublime to the ridiculous ?My final location is the Algonquin Hotel where there is a very special resident – Hamlet the cat. Or should I say Hamlet the Eighth because there has been a long tradition at the Algonquin for having a feline friend in the house. The toms are named after actor John Barrymore’s greatest stage role and the ladies are all Matildas. Our current Hamlet was found in a feral colony on Long Island but now spends his time teasing guests with a glimpse of his ginger tail as well as attending various functions such as birthday parties! He can also be found in his not-so-hidey hole (it’s in the street window) which is where we saw him of an evening. I don’t know how long ago his press photos were taken but in the window he looked three times the size ?Should you want refreshment whilst waiting for Hamlet to appear, they do excellent cocktails in the Lobby Lounge (best location for Hamlet spotting). The Dorothy Parker cocktail based on champagne is a delight, as is the warm chocolate fondant. This is rich and gooey – we had to share it as we were already full from La Esquina tacos but couldn’t resist ordering it. May Hamlet live a long and happy life as the Algonquin cat!

I hope that’s been interesting and shown you a few unconventional places to try when you’re in Manhattan! Do check out my other NYC posts, I also have many across Europe and Asia so take a look if you need summer holiday ideas! Please give this post a like if you enjoyed it, here’s my instagram for more #minnsmunchtime out and about.

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Cookshop, 156 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

The Campbell, 15 Vanderbilt Avenue (between 42nd Street and 43rd Street), New York, NY 10017

The Boilermaker, 13 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003

Mr Purple, 180 Orchard St 15th floor, New York, NY 10002

The Algonquin, 59 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036


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