Phoenix Palace - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Phoenix Palace

Phoenix Palace

Now I’m really giving away family secrets. Phoenix Palace has been a Majoe family fave for years. It’s part of my old stomping ground when I lived near Academy so I know it well!

Usually I come here for dim sum at lunch – it’s good to get an earlier table when it’s not so busy. Dim sum is served at lunchtime, dinner is centred on larger dishes. This type of food is perfect for enjoying with larger groups, I’d say at least four. When we have get togethers we can end up with fourteen people! You’d need to book a big table like this in advance but it’s nothing new for them at Phoenix.

For lunch we like to order a mixture of dishes and dim sum. We had two noodle dishes – the first was soft bean curd, onion chunks and thick rice noodles in a black bean sauce. The other was thin egg noodles with spring onions. This is more plain in taste as it is meant to be eaten with the roast duck. Phoenix Palace has some of the tastiest roast duck. The meat is tender with a crispy skin on top. It’s served with a soy based sauce which you drizzle on top. I like to add chilli for an extra kick. This is one of the highlight dishes!

There is a huge array of dim sum to choose from. Some of my favourites are har gow 蝦餃(prawn dumpling), fried turnip cake (grated daikon turned into a patty with tiny dried shrimp and Chinese sausage dotted through it) and the classic char siu bao (fluffy buns filled with Chinese style barbecued pork). One we forgot was xiao long bao – a dumpling made with an agar jelly layer inside which melts when steamed and turns into soup! This gets dipped into vinegar and is the ultimate savoury mouthful. There is something for everyone on the menu. If you’re unfamiliar with dim sum I’d recommend starting with these and you can get more adventurous once you get a feel for it!

One for the more curious is the chicken’s feet. Don’t expect meat with this – it’s all about the soft gelatinous, melt in the mouth texture. This had black beans and sliced red chillies on top, but the chicken itself wasn’t spicy.

For dessert we had sweet red bean soup. The beans have been cooked for a while so they are soft and mushy. This version also had gingko beans and water lily to add gentle crunch. My mum used to make this at home when I was younger so this really takes me back! I love the texture of the cooked beans and the sweet soup is quite addictive.

Phoenix Palace has always been a personal favourite and a good option for when you want to avoid the crowds around Chinatown. Their dinner menu is also worth checking out if you want something a little more formal. Either way, wear looser trousers because you are going to be full afterwards!

Thanks for reading this post and please give it a like if you enjoyed it and if you love dim sum! I post more foodie photos on my instagram so check that out for more content. Have a great week and see you next Monday!



Nearest venues: Royal Academy of Music, Rudolph Steiner House, St Marylebone Parish Church, Cecil Sharp House, Wigmore Hall

Rating: ?10/10?No frills deliciousness

Phoenix Palace, 5 Glentworth Street, London NW1 5PG



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