The Quince Tree Cafe, Clifton Nurseries - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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The Quince Tree Cafe, Clifton Nurseries

The Quince Tree Cafe, Clifton Nurseries

Since starting my Munchtime blog I’m often on a mission when it gets to the lunch break, zooming off to test potentially post-worthy locations. This week’s rehearsals in Maida Vale were no exception. I’ve been to The Quince Tree Cafe in Clifton Nurseries before for brunch and have been eagerly waiting to give it the one hour lunch test!

From Maida Vale Studios the walk is less than ten minutes towards Warwick Avenue station. I arrived at 1.45 and the cafe wasn’t too busy, helped by the fact that it was a weekday. The menu is nice and simple so you can make your decisions quickly too. I chose the ‘Scrumper’ which translates as two soft poached eggs separating large dollops of hummus and guacamole on rye bread (or gluten free bread in my case) accompanied by mushrooms, roasted tomato and a sweet chilli sauce on the side. The smell on arrival is mouth watering, you get a hint of lemon from the hummus. This is classic brunch fare, the additional sweet chilli jazzing it up a little with some gentle spice. I love food like this for lunch, speedy, tasty and light. On recommendation from the waitress I tried the Clean juice. There is a lovely selection of freshly pressed juices. This particular concoction includes kale, apple, lime, pear. Don’t freak out at the kale – this basically tastes like freshly pulped apple but it’s delicious and I practically inhaled it. Kudos again for the paper straws ?

On my previous visit here I had a similar dish but more pared down. It was eggs and avocado on toast with basil oil, decorated with pea shoots. The brunch menu happily contains pancakes in various guises, of which my pregnant sweet-craving friend chose nutella, banana and hazelnut. It came stacked high and unashamedly decadent much to her pleasure.

The atmosphere here is super relaxing. The cafe itself is an airy greenhouse with extra outdoor space under some vines. Whilst enjoying your meal you can look out onto the plants in the nursery – this is possibly the prettiest garden centre I’ve ever seen. You can pretend you’re having tea on a country estate, rather than the reality which is rehearsing inside all day! Plus, who doesn’t love an 80s playlist in the background 😀 I told the staff I’d need the service to be a little speedy just in case and they were very amenable. I was out by 2.10 and had plenty of time for a leisurely stroll back.

Maida Vale isn’t the cheapest place to eat out so be prepared. In that respect you’d probably want to bring food with you if you’re there for a long patch. However if you fancy something different, The Quince Tree is a good option. Not only does the menu have reasonably priced option but the service is quick, so the two combined already make it a winner for this part of town. The food is flavourful and they have a whole host of cakes so you can get a sweet treat as well.

Let me know if you’ve been here before or if you’re tempted to try it next time! Please give this post a thumbs up if you liked it and I’ll see you next Monday for more food adventures!


Nearest Venues: Maida Vale Studios, Amadeus Centre

Total Receipt (1 person): £16.59

1x Clean Juice 4.75

1x The Scrumper 10

Service 1.84

Rating: 8/10 Pretend you’re a person of leisure…for an hour

  • Hannah Tahir
    Posted at 11:24h, 25 March

    They’re open again! Lovely place

  • Minn Majoe
    Posted at 17:09h, 14 February

    Hi there, yes they have closed unfortunately. I believe Clifton Nurseries are still open so at least we can still get some lovely plants!?

  • Laleh Fayaz
    Posted at 12:28h, 16 August

    I thought they have shut down since lockdown no?? Loved the place.

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