Romeo's Sugar Free Bakery - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery

Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery

Everyone loves a sugary treat once in a while! So when I came across Romeo’s on the way to Angel Studios, it’s sugar free tagline piqued my curiosity. The idea of omitting refined sugar is a brilliant idea in the health conscious age we live in, provided that the end result is packed full of flavour. This Upper Street cafe prides itself on being London’s first sugar free and gluten free bakery.

Being a country bumpkin at heart, I love the farmhouse kitchen feel. Exposed beams line the ceiling, mirrored by thick wooden tables and rustic mismatched chairs. The menu is classic café fare but with Romeo’s vegan/gluten free twist. My quiche was covered in roasted vegetables, with a coconut milk sauce replacing the usual eggy cheesy mixture. Obviously gluten free pastry is a completely different beast to normal pastry – I don’t think it can truly replicate the flaky, buttery texture. However it is equally good in its own right, soft and reminiscent of bakewell tart in flavour due to the use of ground almonds. The quiche comes with a choice of three salads. I chose the sesame red cabbage, big chunks of roasted peppers, aubergines and courgette, and a green medley of broccoli, spinach and kale sprinkled with herbs and linseeds.

Mr Munch went for the vegan/gluten free pizza. If you are a thick crust pizza person this will be heaven for you! It was again topped with roasted vegetables and an extra scattering of pomegranate seeds. He chose a Greek style salad with feta, cucumber, tomato and olives, very fresh and vibrant. Both lunch options came in plentiful supply and the classic flavour combinations equally satisfying.

We couldn’t come to a sugar free bakery without trying out their cakes! There was a selection of around six different sliced goodies, with more proper cakes in the window. A chocolate brownie is always a good place to start. There was the slightest hint of chilli that worked to counteract the richness. I could do with more of an intense chocolate flavour though, it tasted a little too strongly of their gluten free flour replacement. The absolute star was the ginger cake. This is what dreams are made of, and whilst writing this I’m trying to work out when to go back and eat some more! This unassuming looking golden slice gives a strong punch of ginger, whilst chilli powder heat builds and makes your mouth water. The use of ground linseeds helps to moisten the cake, lending it the feel of a fluffy pumpkin pie filling. I am a massive ginger fan and this cake is up there with the best!

Even the drinks served here are without refined sugars. The apple and ginger juice from ‘I am pressed’ are 100% natural, without added sugar, sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. Warming ginger with both sweet and tart apple is another tried and tested combination, tongue tinglingly good! It reinforces Romeo’s belief that you don’t need to add tons of sugar to make a delicious fruit juice.

I remember the lady who served us from when I first discovered Romeo’s. She seems to be running the show by herself which made me wonder if she owns the place. Regardless, she is very charming and capable, ingredients list to hand for any allergy enquiries. They do deliveries on Deliveroo and Quiqup so she must be pretty busy or have a super stealthy backstage team! Not only that, but if you sign up to their mailing list, they’ll give you a free slice of cake! There’s a good incentive if ever I saw one. I love Romeo’s from concept to plate, and with a main meal for less than a tenner, my purse loves it too. Now go and get your free cake! ?


Nearest Venues: Angel Studios

Total receipt (2 people): £31.43

1x Vegan/Gluten free Quiche + salads 8.50

1x Vegan/Gluten free Pizza + salads 6.99

1x Vegan Brownie 3.95

1x Vegan Ginger 2.99

2x Apple & Ginger Juice 9

Rating: 9/10 Sorry Juliet, he’s too busy baking ??‍???‍?

Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery, 178 Upper Street (opposite Islington Town Hall), London, N1 1RG

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