Sasa Sushi - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Sasa Sushi

Sasa Sushi

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve totally bypassed Sasa Sushi on a road full of restaurants and flanked by big high street names. Its bright green sign channels the bamboo leaf print inside – ‘sasa’ in Japanese means ‘small bamboo grass’. Past the entrance is a sushi bar where a couple of chefs beaver away. I do enjoy peering through the refrigerator glass at the fresh fish on offer!

My hot green tea was the biggest I’ve seen. Not for Sasa the dainty Japanese teapots and elegant ceramic ware, this one was a monster in comparison! We ordered a mixed salad as a side. Before you fall asleep, it wasn’t as boring as it sounds. Grated daikon, carrot and white onion were mixed with radicchio and lettuce leaves, slivers of radish, topped with sesame seeds and unified with fresh tomato vinaigrette.

We shared our main dish, the red and white sushi set, so called because of its colours on the plate. This involved tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri and yellowtail rolls. The rolls, reminiscent of Korean gimbap, were an interesting combination of yellowtail, avocado, salmon roe, spring onion and shards of tempura batter. These crispy morsels lend a fantastic crunch, however the fried taste overpowers the yellowtail’s delicate flavour. There’s almost no point having the fish in the roll apart from its soft texture. I’m always pleased to see real wasabi, not spiked with horseradish as is usually the case with high street sushi restaurants. The rice is decent but plain with no obvious vinegar hint.

Sasa’s service is extremely attentive, almost too much so. Due to the surrounding mirrors staff can see everything, the minute you finish a plate they come to clear it immediately. I’d say Sasa would definitely satisfy your sushi cravings, but don’t come expecting to be elevated to sushi heaven!


Nearest Venues: Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Angel Studios

Total Receipt (2 people): 35.36

1x Hot Green Tea 2.1

1x Pineapple Juice 1.9

1x Miso Soup 3

1x Red + White Set 19.5

Service (10.5%) 3.36

Rating: 6.5/10 Safe sushi bet

Sasa Sushi, 422 St John Street, London EC1V 4NJ

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