The Saffron Club - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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The Saffron Club

The Saffron Club

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write about a curry. Almost everyone has their own favourite curry house and this one needs to go an ALL your must try lists! Saffron Club is a Nepalese and Indian restaurant which gives it a slightly different edge. The menu includes classic Indian dishes such as Goan prawns, authentically Kashmiri lamb chops and wonderful delights from the tandoor oven. Alongside these sit Nepalese specialities like momos, Himalayan dumplings filled with vegetables or minced lamb. Mr Munch and I brought some friends here on what was our fourth visit, and we probably won’t rest until everyone we know has eaten here!

The first time we came to Saffron Club, we automatically veered towards the Nepalese dishes as we fancied trying something new. If you haven’t seen unstoppable food vlogger Mark Wiens‘ videos on Nepalese food in neighbouring Bhutan, here’s the link to give you Nepali feast inspiration! Our choices were so delicious we have had the same ones ever since! There’s always that moment of ‘hmm I should try something new….’ but you always go back to one you know you love! If we get so hooked we’re there multiple times a week then I’ll try something else. I predict that moment isn’t too far in the future 😀

The Lamb Khutta is my choice curry. It’s mild on the chilli front but full of aromatic spices, swathed in a tomato based sauce with bright green peas poking their heads above the surface. Across all the dishes the lamb is super tender, no knives needed. This is an extremely well balanced dish with a complex but subtle use of spice. Another great lamb dish is the Gourkhali. A dash of yoghurt adds creaminess and a gentle sour note which, combined with chilli heat and the freshness of mint and coriander, really wakes your senses up. We were a lamb-loving table, having also ordered the Lamb Bhutuwa – cooked with garlic, spring onions and sweet peppers. A Thali is often a good shout for those who want to try a bit of everything. The vegetarian one comes with seasonal vegetables, in this case spinach, tadka daal, raita, spicy chickpeas and chutney served with freshly-made chapatti and rice. A veritable feast! When you eat here you must also try the Saag Aloo, a side dish that packs a flavourful punch. Creamy spinach mixed through soft potatoes with garlic and chilli running through it, perfectly seasoned and all round yum.

As you’ll see in the receipt breakdown below, all this plus a bottle of wine and beer came to under £90 for four people! Fantastic value for money particularly for such a high standard of food. This explains why it was so busy on Saturday night – do book on weekends. Even if you’re not working nearby, it makes for a perfect curry night out. You can have drinks afterwards at one of the local pubs on the high street or if the weather is good, walk off your food coma on the Heath towards Greenwich Park where you’ll get some spectacular river views of London.

Yes you can tell I like Saffron Club 😀 I’d go as far as to say, if you like curry, you’ll like this.

Have you eaten at Saffron Club before? Did you love it as much as us? Leave me some comments and please give this post a like and share if you enjoyed reading it! Thanks and see you next week! ?


Nearest Venues: Blackheath Halls, Greenwich Music School

Total receipt (4 people): £87.73

3x Poppadums 2.55

1x Vegetable thali with naan 10.95

1x Lamb gourkhali 8.5

1x Nepalese khutta 8.5

1x Lamb bhutuwa 8.95

2x Saag aloo 8.5

2x Saffron pilau rice 6.5

1x Steamed basmati rice 2.95

1x Peshwari naan 3.5

1x Bottle Santa Puerta Merlot 15.5

1x Cobra beer 3.35

Service (10%) 7.98

Rating: 10/10 ?Curry to dream about ?

The Saffron Club, 39 Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, London, SE3 0BU

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