Travelodge LHR T5 - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Travelodge LHR T5

Travelodge LHR T5

I love touring, but the idea of crossing London to get to Heathrow for a 6am check in is not my idea of fun. My solution? Find an airport hotel and stay the night before. There are many options, but my preference is Travelodge. It is by no means luxurious but it is cheap and clean, which is all I need for this purpose! I’ve been using the Terminal 5 hotel. You can get there from the terminal itself using Hoppa bus no.57 (£9 return ticket), or by taxi which takes around ten minutes. Even if you’re travelling from different terminals, they’re all under a fifteen minute drive away.

My plan was to arrive for dinner and then have a chilled tv night before my early alarm the next morning. Since my last visit a year ago the menu has been changed – there are more dishes plus options for vegetarian and gluten free meals. They do breakfasts, then a main menu which runs until 10pm. After that is the ‘late’ menu which has paninis, pizzas and sandwiches. I fancied fish and chips, sadly that wasn’t on the menu anymore, but a half roast chicken with chips and coleslaw sounded like a good alternative. The roasted vegetable jalfrezi also caught my eye, but the three chilli sign after it prompted me to exercise caution! I did catch a whiff of the chicken tikka masala which made my mouth water too.

Dishes take around ten minutes to be served, so pretty quick, not that anyone eating here is in a rush! Only when it was placed in front of me did I realise half a chicken is actually quite a lot of meat 😀 You can choose between barbecue sauce or lemon and thyme, I went for the latter. I think they use this for the coleslaw too instead of mayo. It’s strong on the lemon which is great, but you don’t need too much of it so go easy to start with! The chicken itself turned out to be super juicy, well seasoned and importantly hot all the way through. I stayed here three times and chose to eat the same thing to check consistency (and it’s the only hot dish I can eat on this menu). Each time it was bang on! I tend to eat the leg and thigh first as I prefer the darker meat, so sometimes the breast can be a bit dry by the time I get to it. As it is lacking in the green department, I ordered a side salad too. This turned out to be half salad, half coleslaw which was a bit disappointing when you’ve got coleslaw as part of the main dish already. That’s the only part I’d change, overall it’s very well done and I was impressed for a Travelodge. My initial expectations were low, I wasn’t banking on decent quality food. However I was proven wrong! By the third visit I was looking forward to my weekend chicken and chips ??

A bit of blurb on the rooms – it’s basic but clean and you have everything you need. Hair dryers are kept at the reception so ask for one when you check in. A few times I’ve had humongous rooms, the size of both my bedrooms at home. The normal rooms are equally comfortable though, so don’t feel like you’re missing out 🙂 Depending on what days of the week you book, prices vary. I’ve paid between £30-40 for one night. It is so worth it to have a few extra hours sleep and to not have to lug your belongings around at a godforsaken hour.

If you’re in a similar situation on tour or on holiday, check out the Heathrow Travelodge. Have you stayed here before? Perhaps you’ve tried some other airport hotels? Let me know how you found it in the comments below and give this post a like if you enjoyed it. Happy travelling! ✈️


Total Receipt (1 person): £13.50

1x Half roast chicken 9.75

1x House salad 3.75

Rating: 8/10 Solves those chicken cravings!

Travelodge London Heathrow Terminal 5, Calder Way, Horton Road, Slough SL3 0AT

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