Wulf & Lamb - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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Wulf & Lamb

Wulf & Lamb

With the name Wulf & Lamb, I was expecting a steak or hearty lamb stew kind of restaurant. However I could not be more wrong. Wulf & Lamb is actually a vegan establishment moments away from the busy streets of Sloane Square. Their website bandies around phrases such as ‘Fiercely kind food’, ‘Friends who prey together stay together’ and ‘Run with the wolves. Eat with the lambs’ which would explain the name. Though why you’d change wolf to wulf I have no idea, perhaps I’m not trendy enough ?

Regardless, I was pretty impressed when I stepped onto Pavilion Road, full of twinkly lights and sleek looking shops. There’s one of the fanciest stationery shops I’ve ever seen alongside an ice cream parlour, Hans’ Bar and Grill, Bread Ahead, a butcher and cheesemonger. Plenty for you to browse in your dinner break!

Wulf & Lamb’s design is Scandi glam – clean lines and shiny copper surfaces. There is seating on both floors and a bar too so it can take you from breakfast coffee through to dinner and drinks. I was there for an early dinner and the menu had great options. They cross many genres from burgers to Mexican burritos, ‘chilli non carne’ and linguine with white wine and parmesan.

I fancied some spice so I chose the Green Coconut Curry. The blurb read ‘sweet potato mash and seasonal vegetables, aromatic Thai roots, spices and coconut cream with jasmine rice’ which all sounds great. I didn’t take in the sweet potato mash part so I thought it would be chunks of sweet potato, however there is literally a large quinelle of the mash in the centre of the plate. Atop this is a chutney or dip which is wonderfully sour from tamarind. This perfectly counters the potato’s sweetness and provides welcome acidity, a nice touch. The curry itself also was not what I expected. It’s like a soup and the al dente vegetables (pepper, sugarsnaps, tiny mushrooms, daikon) are there to add gentle crunch. No soggy overcooked veggies here! The soup has great impact with coriander, ginger, coconut milk and chilli. Even the rice was jazzed up with sesame seeds and coriander. I felt like this dish had been well thought out and the sweet, sour, heat and textures had been well considered. Portion size-wise, I finished the whole lot and was happily full at the end of it! The rice and sweet potato help soak up the soup so you’re not left with a tonne of liquid at the bottom of the bowl.

My friend chose the soup of the day which was simply called ‘Orange’. After further inquiry we discovered the ingredients were carrot, butternut squash and other such orange vegetables. This was topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and served with two slices of sourdough toast.

When you come to Wulf & Lamb there’s no avoiding the plethora of cakes, brownies and doughnuts on the counter. They look incredibly tempting! Also by the till are some fantastically flavoured chocolates from Belgian makers Dolfin. Some of the more exotic types are pear and toasted almonds, Sencha green tea and my favourite: pink peppercorns. I haven’t been able to find pink peppercorn dark chocolate since I was in Lucerne four years ago. At the time, Swiss chocolate shop Laderach made a seasonal slab of this flavour and I LOVED it. Sadly they didn’t make it when I returned the next year and I have been without it all this time! Therefore I pounced on it at Wulf & Lamb without even asking the price. Turns out each bar is £4.50 (eek!) but it was worth it! I’ve just noticed on the website it’s much cheaper in Euros so if you’re on the continent, that’s the place to find it. Pink peppercorns have a floral flavour and is more tingly than spicy compared to black or green peppercorns. It works marvellously with dark chocolate, I highly recommend you treat yourself and give it a go!

Wulf & Lamb was more fun than I expected. There is still an unfair stigma overhanging vegan restaurants that it’s going to be stuffy and aggressively shove ethics down your throat. However there are many places which simply do their bit by serving good food that showcases veggies at their best. I’m not a vegan myself but I love vegetables and am more than happy to have meat/dairy free days without even thinking about it. On a side note, we happened to be sitting facing the window and saw a man in the flat opposite getting changed! Nothing better than a bit of entertainment with your meal ?At the very least, come here and have some cake! ??

What’re your favourite spots in the Cadogan Hall area? Do share them in the comments! Please give this post a like if you enjoyed it and check out my instagram for more muso/foodie fun ?Thanks and see you next week!



Nearest venue: Cadogan Hall, Holy Trinity Church

Total receipt (one person): £21.40

1x Green coconut curry 12.95

1x Matcha Latte 3.95

1x Pink peppercorn chocolate 4.5

Rating: 9/10 Feel good food

Wulf & Lamb, 243 Pavilion Road, London, SW1X 0BP

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