KERB Food - King's Cross - Minn Majoe | Violinist
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KERB Food – King’s Cross

KERB Food – King’s Cross

Whenever I’m in the Kings Cross area, there’s always something new being developed. On the walk up to Granary Square, shops are appearing such as Jigsaw, Nike and & Other Stories. I’ve often seen food and craft markets dotted around too. KERB Food market has a handful of locations scattered throughout London. Their vendors, so called ‘KERBanists’, provide a diverse selection of food from around the world to satisfy your lunch cravings. These include jerk chicken, vegan fast food, Indian dosas and the ooziest quesadillas you can imagine.

My main of the day came from Cally Munchy where they serve Afro-Caribbean fusion food with their signature Shi-tuan chilli hot sauce. During my initial stall scout, I was sucked in by free samples of their freshly grilled chicken. You can choose between sliced beef steak, chicken or cauliflower, which is added to a deep bowl of jollof rice. I have had home cooked jollof before and it is vibrant with tomato and chilli, delicious! It’s finished with toppings of shaved coconut, sweet caramelised plantain and the special hot sauce. This was a dance on the tastebuds between spicy, sweet and salty – it certainly makes for good eating!

The others in my group had opted for Chinese or Philippino food, both reportedly tasty dishes. After our mains we still had some time to kill, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the ice cream van…All too soon we were stood in front, greedily choosing our flavours. I didn’t think to check the price, such was my keenness for dessert. Turns out two flavours cost £6, not cheap but on the other hand it is handmade and using quality ingredients. The lemon sorbet was so zingy and refreshing, and you could see bits of lemon zest running through it. I personally love sour citrus, mouth watering! The pineapple sorbet balanced it out, being more sweet and calming.

Granary Square is a perfect place for KERB food. Down the road to Kings Cross is another section of stalls, but these seemed to be more for breads, cake and hot drinks compared to the main food stall area. The was this part of town is being updated is great for this. The wide open space has loads of stone benches you can relax on with your meal or just people watch. If you’re lucky the little water jets will be on too! Being right over the picturesque canal is another bonus, a definite stress reliever. There are different vendors on different days so you’re not going to get bored in a hurry. Similarly if you see Cally Munchy or Ruby Violet ice cream in other markets, do give them a try. This is a great lunch spot, or to pick up something whilst waiting for your train!


Nearest Venues: King’s Place, The British Library, King’s Cross & St Pancras stations

Total Receipt (1 person): £15

1x chicken jollof rice 9

1x lemon sorbet 3

1x pineapple sorbet 3

Rating: 9/10 Spoilt for choice!

KERB King’s Cross, Granary Square NC1: Wed-Fri 12-2pm

Cally Munchy

Ruby Violet Ice Cream

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